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>>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." ross westgate is away. i'm kelly evans and these are your headlines from around the world. political turmoil in italy sending european stocks lower. italian banks leading the way down as mario monte keeps investors guessing in whether he'll run against sylvia berlusconi next year. the unexpected drop signals continued pressure from abroad. and meeting face-to-face, president obama and house speaker john boehner sit down for a one-on-one over the weekend. there are just three weeks left before the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. >>> italian shares are down nearly 3% this morning. for the most part, it is bank stocks leading the way down. we're now down about 2.76% on the ftse mib. bank stocks have been hit particularly hard this morning. earlier, we saw shares down 5.6%. we're seeing the same thing, whether it's bmps hitting session lows down nearly 6% comes amid concerns about leadership and economic reform in italy following mario monte's announcement that he'll resign once the budget has been passed. this move is likely to bring the count
>>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans. these are your headlines from around the world. moving closer to a deal, reports say president obama makes a new fiscal cliff offer to house speaker john boehner, giving in a little on taxes, but standing his ground on the debt ceiling. >>> general electric is reportedly on the verge of buying italian space firm avi oi. >>> and india's central bank stands pat despite consistent calls for a rate cut. but the rbi is saying its focus is now normally on boosting growth. >>> well, it's been a rel ofly good year for stocks in europe. adding about .3%. advancers mostly outpacing decliners on the index this morning. if we can zero in on the bourses, it's largely green behind me. the fits fits mib is atting .6%. the ibex in spain, up 0.8%. and the ftse up about 0.3%. now, some company-specific news this morning, fin mechanica saying shares up 2.4%. this on news they're set to buy sge-avio. safran is also a company considering that change. let's take a quick look at the bond space. we'll get a sense of the kind of trade we're seei
>>> hello and welcome to "worldwide exchange." ross westgate is away. i'm kelly evans. japan's central bank boosts assets by another $120 billion. boj says it will discuss raising its inflation target next month. tech stocks fall in europe after ericsson unveils a swedish crown writout related to its loss chip venture. >>> reports say the intercontinental call is in talks to buy euro next. >>> and vows to continue the current government's battle against japanese territorial claims. >>> japan's central bank has decided to extend its asset purchase program to $120 billion. it will review the bank's stance on price stability next month. abe has been putting pressure on the boj to raise its inflation target to 2% as part of efforts to fight deflation. for more on the fallout or the impact here, let's talk to luca from asia pacific. you look like you're in mourning here, but it sounds like the bank of japan has delivered pretty much what the market was looking for the. >> yes. it was delivered in order to be seen as losing independence after the campaign, very aggressive campaign
>>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans and these are your headlines from around the world. a setback for negotiations between congress and the white house as house speaker john boehner's plan fails with just ten days until the fiscal cliff deadline. markets trading lower on that news. arcelar and skanska trading down. the mayan calendar counts down to that cataclysmic conclusion. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> let's take a look at how markets are trading. stoxx europe 600 is down about .6% this morning, this after word that house speaker john boehner's plan b didn't come to a vote last night. he couldn't get them in place apparently. we'll have plenty more on the impact of that on the program. not much here, we see decliners well outpacing advancers. the ftse mib in italy down .6%. the ibex down .4%. the dax selling off .5% lower than yesterday. same goes for the ft. if it is, down .8%. 5909. how quickly we've gone from talking about 6,000 to talking about 5,900. the german bund rallying. s
." i'm kelly evans. these are your headlines from around the world. it's down to the wire in washington. senate lawmakers try to craft a deal that's acceptable to both democrats and republicans as the hours tick down towards the fiscal cliff deadline. >>> china's manufacturing activity hits its fastest pace in a year and a half. >>> and as we head towards the end of the year, global markets look at decent returns, outperformers this year include german, japanese and hong kong stocks. the u.s. senate will meet at 11:00 a.m. eastern after lawmakers tried most of sunday to avoid a fiscal cliff. proposals moved back and forth including tying social security to the chained cpi index. aides say talks between harry reid and mitch mcconnell focus on extending middle class tax breaks and renewing unemployment benefits. president obama says the u.s. markets and economy will suffer if congress fails to act. and here is what the major players had to say at least publicly this weekend. >> if you look at projections of 2013, people generally felt that the economy would continue to grow, unemployment
>>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans. ross is away. these are your headlines from around the world. president obama and congress return to work today with little progress seen on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff as the government starts taking steps to buy more time before the u.s. hits the debt ceiling. the yen hits a two-year low against the dollar as the new japanese government battles to weaken currency. exports are rising, pushing the nikkei to its strongest gain in 20 years. .shares of toyota are heading higher after the u.s. settled a class action lawsuit. the $1 billion payment is already priced in. okay. welcome to "worldwide exchange." plenty of news to watch out of washington. all of this week, we thought it would be a quiet one. but i won't be inside the beltway if they want to get something done. the u.s. will hit the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling come monday. in a letter to congressional leaders, geithner says treasury will begin taking steps to save the government about $2 billion. geithner says it's harder to predict a time frame because the ongone fi
>>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans, these are your headlines from around the world. ubs admits to fraud, paying a fine for rigging libor rates and warning it could book a loss in the fourth quarter. >>> house republicans look to bring a plan b up for a vote in case budget talks with the white house fail. the gop's fallback to avoid the fiscal cliff is still expected to fail in the senate. >>> and japan's nikkei 225 reaches the 10,000 mark for the first time in eight months. stocks rally after a widening trade deficit softens the yen and heightens expectations for more stimulus. >>> we are expecting to get the latest results from germany's survey any second now. in the meantime, i can can bring you news. for example, on industrial orders and sales in italy, orders flat on the month, down .2 on the month for sales and down nearly 5% on the year. so confirming some of the weakness that we know we've seen previously in the italian economy. meanwhile, another gauge perhaps for the euro as we look to the strength of it lately. that's the current counselor plus w
stress. hipping at fedex office. >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans. >> and i'm ross westgate. >> progress is reportedly being made in an attempt to miss the fiscal cliff. >>> and words between sylvia berlusconi and mario monti is increasing. >>> and hsbc paying a record $1.9 billion fine. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> right. if you've just joined us, welcome to the trading day. we have had the latest snapshot of german sentiment. they measured sentiment at 6.9 points. better than november. the polls were minus 12. the current conditions index, 5.7, a particular up from 5.344 in november. and the indicator in pore territory for the first time since may 2012. also follows something similar with the latest ifo number. euro/dollar coming up to the best levels of the day, hit 11.2880 during the session on monday. that is where we stand with that data. good news for the eurozone. kelly, how is it looking? >> it's more of a reaction in the ur % the dow is poised at about 44 points in the open. 13-11 is the lev
>>> hello and welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans. shanghai shares post their biggest daily gain in more than thee years ago china gets ready to chart its new economic plan. domestic demand is strong enough to keep the lid on growth. >>> european markets get a lift from the latest european market data showing the private sector has expanded for the first time since april and signaling europe could avoid a recession in q4. >>> and japan's business sentiment sours in the fourth quarter. this reading comes two days before a nationwide vote that suggests it will hand the ldp position a landslide win. >>> we're going to give you all the latest results from the flash december data for the pmi for the eurozone that we're just getting out. the overall, the deposit is a touch stronger for the month of december. the details show the manufacturing weakened slightly and its services strengthened slightly. they are overall still in negative territory. and we're seeing the euro/dollar respond a little bit to the downside. down about 0.01% trying to fight back into flat on the day. 1
>>> hello. welcome to today's "worldwide exchange." i'm ross westgate. and i'm kelly evans. >> japan's prime minister wastes no time on calling on the bank of japan to recognize support after a land slide win returning the dlp to power. >>> get a little, give a little, house speaker john boehner may be willing to raise taxes on the wealthy if president obama allows entitlement cuts in return. >>> and corporate news weighs on sentiment across europe. kpn shares fall after dividend and greco stocks plunges as analysts cut their outlook for the uk power group. >> okay. welcome. it's the start of a brand new week here on "worldwide exchange." and don't adjust your set, kelly and i are together. >> for once, for a day. >> but make the most of it because it won't be lasting. >> if only there were a slo-mo. >> i'm going to enjoy as much as i can of today. >> and likewise. and then we're going to have to get all of our u.s. voouers to find cnbc world because they could get three hours of you, carol and carolin for the rest of the week. >> whatever they can do. record it and fast fo
>>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans. >> yes, hello, everybody. i'm louisa bojesen. these are your headlines from around the world. >> president obama calls congressional leaders to the white house today in what could be the last chance to come talk before the u.s. falls off the fiscal cliff next week. >>> investors are bracing for the final eurozone bond sale of the year. italy will sell up to 6 billion later today. >> and the yen has been sent lower and stocks to their highest level in 21 months. >>> this is the final "worldwide exchange" from london of the year. louisa is here for it. >> i can't believe it. it's my last working day of the year, as well. >> is it? >> yes. >> unfortunately we'll still be talking about the same thing we're talking about now. >> although i feel we'll be talking more debt ceiling, as well. >> and speaking of which, president obama is trying a last ditch effort to restart budget talks days before the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. speaker john boehner has called the house back into session sunday evening. house majority leader eric c
>>> hello, this is today's "worldwide exchange." i'm ross westgate. >> i'm kelly evans. these are your headlines from around the world -- >> opec ministers expect to agree on keeping their output target. talks about the level of u.s. production, rivalries between iran and saudi arabia, and a new secretary general could get heated. >>> italy likely to see a strong uptai uptake thanks to supply reductions before year end. >>> and let's twist again. the fed set to announce a fresh around of bond purchases to match the outgoing twist program at the end of the year. >>> the international community blasts north korea after it successfully launches a long-range rocket, prompting an emergency u.n. security council meeting. >>> all right. a very good morning to you. we are going to be on to opec later. we've got the latest i.a. data out this morning. they're saying global oil demand projected around 90.5 million barrels a day. more than forecast. they say non-opec production bouncing back. an something bit. they're saying opec crude supply inched up in november led by higher out
markets report. kelly evans standing by in london. you rise above over there, kelly. is it vienna, bernanke? what is most -- what do you think is most important to you? it has to be what -- it's what's happening in washington, isn't it? >> no. i say it's up there, top thee, but also on the top three is what's happening with italian politics. of course, mario monti saying he was going to resign as italy's prime minister. that paves the way for flesh elections to be called in the beginning of next year. yesterday, we saw the negative reaction. sylvia berlusconi wants to make his return on the political scene. today, we saw a bounce back. if you can see see bind me, the bank stocks in italy rerebound, but it's only in the range of .5% to 1% of these names which were down in some cases nearly 10% yesterday. if you take a quick look at european bourses, if that's possible, down near the ftse mib, this is the one selling off somewhere in the range of 3.5% yesterday. today it's adding about .8%. in spain, showing a nice rebound. same attitude listing peripheral debt. we can take a look t
>>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans. the euro bounces on the news but stocks in europe are trading lower as ben bernanke warns monetary policy may not be enough to offset the damage if the u.s. economy goes over the fiscal cliff. >>> and the fed takes the new and surprising step in its ongoing efforts to boost the economy, tying interest rates directly to the u.s. unemployment rate. >>> plus, investors cheering the plan to save danone's plans to offset losses over the next two years. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> welcome to the program. coming up on today's show, we'll be plenty busy. we head out to tokyo where carry enjoji has been talking about the upcoming elections. then, we hone in on central london where one pilot project is living roof and major buildings. find out what green living can do go r to improve the area. >>> and today, the 1 billionth international tourist will reportedly arrive at a destination in the world. at 11:20 central time, we'll speak to the world travel coun
policy is pretty tough. >> why don't we bring in kelly evans right now. kelly is standing by in london. kelly, maybe you can shed more light on this, as well. >> naung. hi. julia just put her finger on it. this comes down to all those diverse economies within the eurozone. if you think about the fact that the dax in germany is one of the best asset classes in the world, up something like 30%, and consider monetary policy. it's extremely different. that's the real nub. and in an interesting and almost unfortunate way, the weaker germany looks from here, the more likely the ecb is going to cut rates. remembering the history, the psyche of the germans who are very reluctant to pursue policies that they think would incite internal inflation explains how complicated this situation is for mario draghi. it's one reason why i highlighted that story of the day for you guys. he was looking for a 6.5% wage increase. we're starting to see rebalancing towards the german consumer and towards germany as powering the eurozone forward, but remining as that happens, it means the prospect for outright ra
, for the global markets report, we are going to go to lon where kelly evans looking splendid in a pant suit. wow, you look like you're about six feet tall or seven feet tall, kelly. >> just over six feet tall, joe. i'm pretty well this morning. can't say the same for european markets which are pretty much all in the red and losses have been picking up in the last hour or so as we've seen renewed concern about the u.s. fiscal cliff whether a negotiation could be reached. we saw some optimism in the asian session overnight. i want to draw your attention to the most important story potentially for 20123 and that's what's happening in japan. you guys may recall yesterday it was up .9%. this market has been on a tear this year. it's up more than 20 one of the best asset classes. the yen continues to weaken. there's two reasons why we're focusing here. we got weak economic data out of japan. industrial production decline. we saw core consumer prices decline. we can show you, though, what's happening with the yen. we're seeing the new finance minister coming out and saying to other countries, you know,
. >>> time for the global markets report. kelly evans is standing by in london. what did i say, the ftse was up a little. nothing to write home about. >> joe, i'm sorry, it's nothing but a sea of red overhere. mario monti's decision to resign over the weekend is having quite an impact on markets. i want to show you those who are most affected. i know carolin will join us with the political details been but here are the market's verdict. you're seeing the eye toolan tanks taking it on the chin. a couple of them were halted in trade earlier after being down more than 5%. now, this, of course, is one reason why the ftse mib, which we can show you is the weak performer today. down 3.4%. so pretty damming indictment of this decision over the weekend. the ibex down over the weekend. so spain and portugal, seeing its index down over more than is % is showing its concern. joe, the ftse is at least holding up relatively better. it's down only .3% today. these losses follow a trading session that was setting up to be relatively strong. we saw asian stoxx doing decently well, so just kind of unders
for the global markets report. kelly evans is standing by in london. >> michelle, hello. >> you might be here 12-12-2110. >> i think the date is 1221? today is 12-12. 12-21 it when the world ends. i think we've only got nine days left of the global market report. >> i'm worried about the fiscal cliff -- once we get the world -- which is worse? the world ending or the fiscal cliff? >> about the same i think. >> one could bring about the other. >> i think it's no accident they're both approaching. that's how i'm going to read the tea leaves. as you see, a mixed picture this morning. people mostly waiting on the fed decision later today. the major boards green, the ftse adding .25%. the same for the xetera dax and idex. we saw the news of monti's resignation on monday. they've recovered from then. wanted to show the ibex 35, up .3% in spain. there was an italian debt auction that went over well. that's helping sentiment. the owner of zara, one of the strongest retailers in europe, out with sales. you see that their shares are down. even though their nine-month sales figure was up 17% year on year,
to do it. >> let's get to kelly evans, talk to the global markets. kelly, i want to tie this to you, tie this to your purview over there. every year, i get a tie from van ek and i got -- the first one was bernanke, a picture of him in a helicopter. and then i got one with draghi and a can and euro signs. yesterday, it's back to bernanke with the helicopter, but it's alternating with draghi with euros because now he is out helicopter draghi. so we're all in concert in a world that can't seem to exist without liquidity. we wasn't do anything based on our feds. it's not a great world to be in. >> well, ben bernanke has given a great analogy. it's funny you bring that up today because it's partly what we're seeing as we look over to the italian and spanish debt auctions that haven't wrapped up their fund rt for the end of the year. it's still a weak session for european equities. just in fact last couple of minutes, we've had news from the euro group where after last night, it agreed on a common supervisor, the ecb under margo draghi. this morning, they agreed finally on the disbursement of
they print this paper. kelly evans is standing by in london and may have some views on the man being ownered t today. i didn't know the newspapers honor people like that. oh, you see, that's the way to hold it. >> yeah. you showed damian hurst. >> i can hold a mean newspaper, andrew. mario draghi is the financial person of the year. this is from the inside, it's not their front cover. but this is their big spread. i thought about your comment about the tie, joe. a couple of years ago, it was ben bernanke who was suddenly on the lips of everyone in the world for coming to the rescue. it's quite clear that this year is the year of mario draghi. i wonder if "time" magazine would not decide to name him person of the year. but the fact that he is in the running tells you quite a lot about the importance of europe this year. earlier today, we were talking about the fact that they had picked trichet on in the past. he doesn't necessarily regret it. he said oppose dollars to some of the other types of running, they look for someone who is having a positive impact. they did consider angela merkel. th
across the pond. kelly evans is standing by in london. miss evans. >> good morning andrew and everyone. we were looking higher before the open, but we've quickly seen the sell-off across the board. what's interesting about the story today is it's not so much as macro driven as micro. i want to show you a couple of the names we're hearing from this morning. i'll start with the good news, i guess. h&m, the retailer, did come out with a sales decline in november comps, but it was less than expected. those shares responding up about 3%. more broadly, kpn is expanding its -- carlos slim bought more than a quarter stake in over the summer. the concerns is having to reinvest in a broad environment of sluggish revenue in order to stay profitable going forward. aggreko, this is a power generator supplier here in the uk, down 15% after it was talking about the outlook for 2013. more muted than what certainly people had been expecting. and holcim, the world's biggest cementmaker, it's reinvesting, taking write-downs and charges in its fourth quarter in order to cut operations in most of the of it
report. kelly evans is standing by in london. a lot of action over there today. >>> thank you. there really has been. and in fact, it's the greek banks which are leading the way. i can't remember the last time we said that. if you look at trading broadly, it's the most beaten down areas where we're seeing the strength this morning. again, here are some of the names to mention whether it's the national bank of greece. we saw these up in the range of better than 8% earlier. now in the range of 5% to 8%. again, if you look at the levels, you see we're snapping up from low valuations generally speaking. it doesn't take a lot at 63 cents to get an 8% move. >>> quick look over here if you want to take a shot of the wall behind me. it is green for the most part. and greece's borse is one adding 2% today. we're seeing that reflected across the bond space. portugal for example seeing ten-year yields falling. same for spain and italy. the boreses and footy 100, the xetra dax, this has been the outperformer up in the range of 30%. another .3% after the ifo out of germany. came in better
't know yet, do we? >> i think so. kelly evans, we'll see if she's standing by. >> hello. we're here. happy to report that 11-11 was not tend of things for us. i want to draw your attention to an interesting story. we look to that country as a barometer for the rest of the west. so much of its debt has been held internally. overnight, we learned in the third quarter japanese debt hit a record. at the same time, japanese investors are buying polish debt, looking for better yields and, again, as we wonder about the vulnerability of this country with the highest debt load in the world, keep these important developments in mind. you can see the nikkei down about 1% here. partly on some of the recall bragz of japan's outlook. but also, of course, on new about the fiscal cliff, sent stocks around the world tumbling. we should mention a lot of trading activity has diminished as people approach the first of the year. we saw after a significant weakening that it is rebounding today, but pretty much everything is. flows are going into the dollar as the safe haven trade. the euro/dollar down ab
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23